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If you're wondering whether or not to purchase insurance prior to moving, you may want to consider the fact that no matter how careful you are in choosing your moving company, accidents- as unlikely as they are- could still happen. Boxes can bump or shift during transit and no amount of research into a company's DOT safety record can guarantee that road conditions (natural disasters, other drivers, etc.) won't impact your shipment in any way. What can be controlled is how effective your moving company is at resolving claims and making sure you're adequately covered, should anything happen.

We understand how stressful it is to relocate. We help eliminate your stress by providing you with the appropriate insurance for your household goods.

3RD Party Coverage

A very affordable option costing between 1% & 2% of your items’ value, and ensuring your belongings in full. We highly recommend this type of coverage because you, the customer, have the most control of your moving experience. This insurance can be purchased online at